Growth (CD)

by Squalora

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released September 17, 2011



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Squalora Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Communion
COMMUNION: “and so they died miserably ever after!”-aldous huxley... sucking on the syringe of your counterfeit savior. communion is the tradition of shameless vampires. limping on the crutch of a deity; the filthy habit of self pity. the concept of eternal life is wasted on sheep. better stand up while you still have feet! are you drinking his blood or is he drinking yours? while pointing your finger the innocent suffer god's name! who’s guilty of all this pain? your “god” knows who’s to blame! this bullshit you perpetuate is artificial flavoring. your nutri-sweet jesus is infantile & make-believe. we kiss and you fucking kill but somehow we’re the blasphemers who are doomed to a life of 'sin'. in dreams we destroy every false hope you have instilled. it's time for you to face the facts, you're forever fucked just like the rest of us. and you're going in the ground just like the rest of us. “in dreams, you’re mine.” -roy orbison.
Track Name: Aiming High Landing Low
AIMING HIGH LANDING LOW: for far too long i’ve longed to find some peace. to gain a sense of how to appreciate this life. I know who not to trust in this under tow. struggle is all we remember. greed is our ancestor and we die from cancer. only a few will survive, man could cleanse our minds. create a collective conscience, cataclysmic earth changes. revenge in the eyes of some, prophecy in the eyes of others. judgment has long been passed! and the wind never felt more like a dear friend than it does with no weight on one’s shoulders. just for today this is a beginning. less is more we’re told more and more. quickly developing a sense of ease, a stride arm in arm with wonder. minds grow as our trust builds. the race begins to conquer and to possess.knowledge beyond our years, racing ever so quickly. memories fade our lives been played multiple times, multiple times, by multiple times, in awe, our surroundings tend to forget that our only brief trace is that of nothing.
Track Name: Growth
GROWTH: fear is our backbone connecting our support systems, keeping us stable. focus on fascination. because I’ve seen it first hand, souls drained from frames. without beats being missed and being placed on a list. we’re all compiled, part of fudged statistics, because i’ve seen it first hand, souls drained from frames. to be controlled by a minority of privilege and wealth. slim hope. no future. don’t allow anyone the chance to ever crush your will.
Track Name: Pull The Plug
PULL THE PLUG: 47 years of smoking, 47 years of calmed nerves, through unsettling times, after all of life’s bullshit. it was always there to comfort. the cancer set into the lungs. as soon as you gave them up you are confined to a fucking chair, dependent on an oxygen machine. all movements restricted…restricted. birds of prey circle ‘round. the shrieking sounds cut through. the signs are all so clear, dreams turned to nightmares. minds going dormant. 12 years in lockdown. will changes be felt? will we ever understand? the will to pull the plug is a life I’ll never know. you never are truly settled. shaky foundations tremble with brick and mortar, our days run shorter. people change, all things change. quest after quest our fevers will never rest. we must not hide to stay alive. herd mentality leads to instability. my footprints don’t disappear when I look back and my feet keep going without any difficulty. the will to pull the plug. is a life I’ll never know.