Hell is Other People (LP​/​CD)

by Squalora

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You can buy the LP, which is 180 gram and comes with a download code, from Minor Bird Records: minorbirdrecords.limitedpressing.com/products/10752

You can buy the CD from Poisoned Candy Records: poisonedcandy.com/squalora.html


released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Squalora Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Graffiti
GRAFFITI: scattered messages, painted across. painted across desolate buildings. pleas for help, pleas for change. pleas for survival. off white covering paint hides our contempt. communication on lockdown. our fears of control are reinforced. communication on lockdown. spying cameras digitize our every offense. passing pedestrians armed with cell phones. text message 9-11! send in the whole force. leaving a mark parallels leaving a trace to a crime. well who gave you the right to build this fucking building in the first place? communication is the bottom tier of this thing called progress. our fears of control are reinforced!
Track Name: Killed By Dolphins
KILLED BY DOLPHINS: wind swept, ship wrecked. thrown into a wet hell. i can hear the ringing of the death bell. fins and blood are all i see. high pitched shriek tearing into me. bit by bit, ripping my flesh, sending me into darkness. -dave parsons
Track Name: Of This Earth
OF THIS EARTH: recognize our woes. every breath is a grasp. choking on these chemicals, addicted to these chemicals. influence, passion, allergic reaction. our thoughts are in motion and in constant danger. motives are threatened and often overlooked. it must seem so simple to appear honest and complacent. let us own up to our simplicity and be sincere in our delivery, and forever these stars will shine brightly on those who keep on fighting. this earth is what makes me, why would i do anything to harm it? motives are threatened and often overlooked. it must seem so simple to appear honest and complacent. let us own up to our simplicity and be sincere in our delivery. this earth is what makes me, why would I do anything to harm it? uncertain futures are certainly doomed. dear friends embrace to serve this final blow. this is a process, this is process, progress?!
Track Name: Shooting Stars Over Vsetín
SHOOTING STARS OVER VSETÍN: it should never have to happen this way. why must it be so absolute and commonplace? i can’t live with all this devout destruction caused by so-called natural selection and depression. if i be still enough i might survive this exit. i could say i lost control i never had to begin with. just as a night on those streets is a universal gift; so is the empty feeling of a loss like this. our eulogy played from the only lit window, reminding us this type of connection can’t fucking last. the affliction of denial is the very skin we live and die in and just like them, when it’s over we’re not ever coming back. and all the upsetting things which keep us from sleep; nothing could have prepared us for all of this grief. the only cure for the pain of hope is being reassured by possibilities. our continents will connect again but by then we’ll all be long dead. ...we'll all be ...long dead. and i stilll wonder if those two stars were meant to be aimed at you and me. i confess it’s what I hoped for, to be forever liberated from our miseries. (for karolina misiewicz and her family)
Track Name: Consistency
CONSISTENCY: it’s not my illusion that we are not all treated equal. and it’s not my privilege to try and help others in need. trust me friend, we’re not too different. there is no joy in being comfortable while others are roused from under bridges. suddenly action has a meaning; suddenly action has a face, body, and mind. look me in the eyes as i look into yours, we can learn from each other, for each other. consistency! try and distinguish a common thread. justify every action with an appropriate reaction, while being sure never to second guess. regurgitation of a moral fiber so indigestible. we have seen – we have said.. we’ve repeated what we’ve read. but are our views so absolute? so distinguishable answers unclear/ consistency. for forever and a day we dreamed of a world filled with atm’s without hidden fees, buying loads of lumber without harming any trees. and so many have not a thing to eat. complex human spirit rests in stocks with guarantees.
Track Name: Denominations
DENOMINATIONS: i don't care what your denomination is - crust punk, straight edge, skinhead, or emo kid; there is more to this culture than pointing that finger. insipid complacency will waste you. our unity’s not so pure after all. we think we’re strong but then we fall. cheap thrills aren’t so cheap after all. you think you’re strong but then you fall.
Track Name: SOA
S.O.A.: the school of americas is still open for destruction. “western hemisphere institute…” blah fucking blah. yea, and you still fucking suck!! unions threaten corporate dominion so they are put in their graves. class war is in your glass of coke, and it still tastes like their blood. state of alert! the only s.o.a. that mattered is the only cool thing rollins has ever done and the school of assassins has fucking covered it in blood.
Track Name: Frozen Parallax
FROZEN PARALLAX: subzero wind burns the life from our frozen faces and you know i never needed help getting knocked this far off my feet. the grass is always greener? yea, well sometimes it is. when spit turns to ice before hitting the snow, any warmth is bliss. all i ever longed for was some camaraderie to kill the fear. the isolating mountains seem more like prison walls from down here. endless years of this social abuse. i’m turning my back on this desolate place. my hands have lost their circulation but no one would shake them anyways. at night i dream of escaping this perpetual winter.