s​/​t aka And So They Died Miserably Ever After (LP)

by Squalora

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The LP is available from Defector Records: thedefector.com/label.html

The CD is available from Wantage USA Records:


released June 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Squalora Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: A Whole Lifetime Spent Dreaming
A WHOLE LIFETIME SPENT DREAMING: the truths have yet to be discovered yet the text books remain unchanged. false educations produce our leaders who keep this dream alive. there are so many bright potentials with biased documentation. deep seated sedation - packaged as creation. with stories of patriotism we seem to love this glorious freedom. rights have dwindled down beyond… down beyond survival. and we still look up to their fathers as if we have none of our own. mothers telling daughters not to break society’s molds. for we need not learn for ourselves, we must learn what has been written. this mindless simple life has its ups and downs, panoramic views of another way. inversions! the fog never lifts for too long. free from progress. free from the smog. trapped in this fog. mindless simple life!
Track Name: Villains Desire
VILLAINS DESIRE: in a world so full of despicable men there's no fucking excuse for inaction when there are villains in houses with blood on their minds, hateful intentions plotting death in their eyes. villains desire…prepare for disasters. villains desire…prepare! construct another wall to conceal what lies behind. silence the voices, round up and criminalize. your deplorable desires will result in failure. so raise your bloody flag with pride and valor…
Track Name: United We Slouch
UNITED WE SLOUCH: the few freedoms given are taken for granted, never applied to anything valid. all potential made void by nationalist scum, and independence is based on income. united we slouch! united we fucking drown! still you’ll blindly sign the papers to protect these sterile liberties, and the masses are united through their television screens. united we slouch! united we fucking drown! …into eternal sleep... pacified in silence (mankind's worst crime) "oceania has always been at war with eurasia… oceania has always been at war with east asia..." [-g. orwell] fox news is your only news source… absolute misinformation!
Track Name: Mind Lapse
MIND LAPSE: how long has this been going on? grasping, clutching, suffocating. with brand new gadgets and distractions. minds overwhelmed - repercussions. solutions shall never be unearthed. and daddy told me it’d be like this. he told me that one day everything would end up like shit and be shit all the way. do you see the fortunes of others being shoved into our jaded faces, growing more and more out of balance. i can’t even afford to fucking kill myself the taste of success tastes of shit. the taste of success is that of greed. record breaking profits mirror record breaking debts. how many days do i drink to forget?
Track Name: Sugar Coated Submission
SUGAR COATED SUBMISSION: another ambition is laid to waste by the new opiate … to help you feel comfortable with all this suffering a brand new commodity is here to pacify your brain. your possessions are ball & chain, how long will they drag with you in this perpetual dream? institutionalized genocide against imagination, a spirit in exchange for sugar coated submission. entertainment is sedation; time to lead yourself astray. it’s no longer possible to ignore all this suffering! were you ever "taught" or just programmed to consume? accepting a career that you dread to pursue. when was the last time you had a dream? when was the last time you went to sleep excited for tomorrow? …it's been a long time for me too.
Track Name: What's At Stake
WHAT'S AT STAKE?: one thought left to exchange, another notion to entertain. is what I’m doing what I want? is it all I thought it could be? over many boundaries and hurdles, no solutions are ever found. truths from surroundings bypassed to fulfill what I once hoped for. having control of land or people is more important than having control of your own mind. how could I possibly resent trying to get mine? when I punched in, when I punched out. the mornings of treachery and not of joy. I earned… I lost... I did not know what was at stake! one thought left to exchange, another notion to entertain. is what I’m doing what I want? is it all I thought it could be? still I can’t help but wonder …you know I wouldn’t change a goddamned thing!!!
Track Name: Identity Crisis
IDENTITY CRISIS: living this life like a drama class. disposition is only an act. cruelty accusations from your biased mouth. artificial addictions afflict every breath. scream for attention, you got no comprehension of your own reflection so scream for compensation! the spectacle corrupts your dream of who you should be. forget about your real self, your identity rots on a dusty shelf. living this life like a drama class. disposition is only an act. celebrity life dictates your own. a mansion of narcissism is your home, its no surprise that we are so alone. the spectacle corrupts your dream of who you should be. you’ve got to remember your true self, but all you ever do is dust that shelf.
Track Name: Insult Crusade
INSULT CRUSADE: when we try to make a difference we’re ostracized immediately. if we explain our convictions we’re quickly labeled “pc nazis”. you’re compelled to act objective no matter the content, just for the sake of constant disagreement. petty internet shit talk for social superiority. your special little world to instigate negative groupthink. when we try to make a difference we’re ostracized immediately. if we show charisma we face total persecution for our beliefs. it's time to stop the fucking paranoia, no one’s trying to make restrictions for you. how vain of you to assume we would succumb to your self-indulgent polemic insult crusade! let’s hear a round of applause for the generous contributions you've made! you got a condescending lecture for me? why can’t you tell me face to fucking face? (fuck message boreds)
Track Name: Poverty Eugenics
POVERTY EUGENICS: we drive our metal cells through asphalt veins, flowing straight into a diseased brain, just to provide it with the blood it needs to keep our own demands at bay. and all the wealth acquired all for the sake of benign status could save them from this intentional agony if it weren’t for selfish excuses... of safety, comfort and convenience. it’s just privilege disguised as allegiance. this crumbling pyramid (capitalism) is truly the degradation of humanity on the septic path towards feudalism. all the immigrants in the world know a common truth: surviving is deadly! just as every yuppie won't confess there are no wal-marts in hell, and there are no bank accounts after death. the foundation of poverty is this tradition of wealth.